Mancha Tips: The Best Bar To Watch Sports In Miami

Discover the American Airlines Arena stadium

The American Airlines Arena, also known as The Triple-A, is located in Downtown Miami and is the Miami Heat basketball team stadium. This arena has an excellent infrastructure, allowing fans to move around in an organized way and watch the matches’ comfort. You will also find great snack bars with several foods and drink options to try during the matches.

Watch the NBA basketball game dates to see a lively Miami Heat match. At some times of the year, between November and June, the classic Miami Heat x Orlando Magic takes place, a team from Orlando. Don’t miss out! If you are driving to the American Airlines Arena, you can park in some of the stadium’s available spaces. Prices range from 5 to 10 dollars. The complete address of the arena is 601 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132, USA.

Friday night, at the end of the rush and work, I met my friend Ivan “Bambam” Zimmermman, with whom I partnered for five years on the TV channel BandSports (2006-11), where we narrated the NFL.

He picked me up in South Beach, where I was staying, and the idea was just to have a beer over there and make small talk – we hadn’t seen each other in a long time.

When is the NBA game season?

The basketball and NBA season in Miami runs from November to June, but some Miami Heat team games also take place out of season. When you’re traveling, there is probably a Miami Heat game going on, and we highly recommend you to watch one and feel the excitement like a native. The stadiums are beautiful; everything is organized and always very lively.

If you go to Miami or Orlando, be sure to watch an NBA game there, as it is AMAZING. In Miami, there is the Miami Heat team, and in Orlando, the Orlando Magic. The two stadiums are beautiful. Try to visit one of the stadiums and see a really awesome game.

You can buy tickets for NBA games, and for all attractions, much cheaper. The best way is to buy your tickets online, always BEFORE you travel. The amount ends up being lower; you do not pay the 6% IOF that you would pay on a purchase made in dollars, and you can still pay in installments. The first tip is never to leave to buy there on time, which is always more expensive.

“ Gee, get in the car there; I’ll take you at the right time! “Shot Sergião (Ivan’s nickname in the paradisiacal Praia Grande). Let’s go then…

After almost dying from the heart aboard the tuned Corvette Stingray, we arrived at a HUGE LEGACY for sports fans!

I speak of the North Miami Beach branch of Duffy’s Sports Grill – a snack bar elected by the Miami New Times newspaper in 2018 as the “best in Miami” for sports fans.

Watch an NBA game at the American Airlines Arena in Miami

Find out what the experience of watching an NBA game is like at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, the Miami Heat stadium. The matches in Miami are truly spectacular, bringing a unique and exciting moment to the fans. If you like basketball, you will love it, and even if you don’t like it, it is worth going to a game to get to know all the production they do, with half-time dances, mascots, vibrant fans, music, and more. It’s a different and very interesting program, so be sure to visit the American Airlines Arena and watch a Miami Heat basketball game.